This website for teaching High School students how to create a poster in Adobe Illustrator.

High School Adobe Illustrator Propaganda Poster Project & Website

This is an Instructional Design Storyboard outlining the fleet approval training for an oil
change center.

Oil Change Center Fleet Approval Training Document

Collecting Student Input: The Instructional Design Storyboard for LOJO required input from Lube Techs.  I used Google Forms to gather this information. 
Creating a Mind Map: While working on a project about Gas Production, I created a visual layout of the planned course. I used MindGenius to create the map.
Creating an Infographic: I created an infographic around the steps needed to get a fleet company approval for needed services to a vehicle. I used Venngage to create the graphic.
CREATING A SCREENCAST: I created a screencast using Screencastify, SchoolTube, and Weebly to teach students how to use Adobe Illustrator.
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